Complete home services for property owners, tenants, agents and property managers.

The Beginning

We started as student accommodation support team in Subang Jaya in 2015. Most of our customer are students that lived in Subang Jaya as our earlier customers.

Currently, our customers range from family, student, student-hostel, and offices. Students life is one of the busiest time in human life journey. We understand that they are not like in some family home, which the husband can fix the minor house problems.

So, apart from cleaning, we are demanded with air con servicing and home repair technician. This demand from our existing customers leads us to open another 2 departments to support the accommodation team.

The Team

Our team consists of Admin, Customer Support, Technician, and Housekeeper. We are small and we are working our best to achieve our maximum potential of efficiency.

All our worker certified, trained and skilled. We always focus on being positive with an open mind to learn about improving our system. We are young and we are always hungry to learn something new.

The Quality

We want to offer a high quality of services to our customers. To achieve that, we are constantly working to study the industry and the market. We spend the time to understand our front-end team, to deliver services at the standard that we had set.

Customer expectation is always high and we are working our best to keep up with the expectation and our competitor. We are committed to being offer satisfaction guaranteed services to our customers.

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